BeYu #ultraviolet

While February is finally here, DM is hosting a trendy online campagne for the newly elected trend color of 2018: ultra violet! They are colored in the new fancy shade. For this purpose, I was playing with the products and created beautiful smokey makeup look, which is suitable for the night. Eyes stayed the same, I was changing only lipsticks.

First I used an eyeshadow palette No. 1 Purple Me On, which is containing 6 perfectly matching purple eyeshadows. They are ranging from light to dark shades. The pallet also contains a mirror and a small applicator. Eyeshadows are soft texture with good pigmentation and they are easy to blend. In my case I used 5/6 shades. I didn't use all of them because I was afraid that in the end would be too much. Then I continued with a dip eyeliner No. 3 Certain Charm. I must admit I fell in love with eyeliner as soon as I put it on the eyes. It's slightly metallic texture with good pigmentation, longlasting, small applicator and easy to apply. At the bottom of my eyes I applied a color kajal No. 106 Provence. This one is perfect and I really mean it! I didn't come across such a good pigmented kajal yet. It has smooth texture and it is also easy to apply. Now I need black one for everyday makeup. And at the end I used a Color Play Lash Tip mascara No. 09 Lilac Poison. But it disappointed me. Really bad pigmentation and no volume.

I tested also 3 lipsticks. First is a Cashmere Lip Color Matt lipstick No. 200 Spectrum. The shade isn't exactly in my taste because I don't feel comfortable with shades like this one. Nevertheless, it has excellent properties. Lipstick has a creamy texture with cocoa butter for super soft lips. It is high pigmented and long lasting. The only bad property (beside the shade) is the smell because it stinks. After a short time, you get used to the smell. But still, those lipsticks are one of my favourites, especially other shades, because I really love long lasting lipsticks. Then there is a Soft Liner for lips and more No. 556 Sixth Sense. It is waterproof and has a creamy application. Nothing special, or I only think so because I don't really use lipliners. And the last one is a Color Touch Lip Biggie No. 41 Pure Passion. It is 3in1: it combines the advantages of a lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm in one product. It has soft vanilla scent, so it smells delicious. It's nod bad either for me, since I'm not a fan of lip gloss.

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  1. Noro ti paše ta vijola na ustnicah! In krasen make up, eyeliner in svinčnik za oči sta mi ful všeč!!

    1. Če bi vsaaaj bila malo bolj nežna ta vijolična, potem bi jo upala nositi tudi za ven, ne samo za štiri stene :P